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Hey, this is Steve here.

Welcome to my website. It aims to share what I’ve learned about how to win the lottery – basically, what works and what doesn’t.

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Spending just a few minutes here will help you develop a winning lotto system, I’m almost certain of it.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

So, what are you waiting for?

Go on, dive in…

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The World’s Best Lottery Software?

I’ve just come across a website that is promoting or launching a new whiz-bang lottery software.

It’s very impressive, so check it out –

I signed up to receive advance notice of its launch. Let’s hope it’s not like most of the lotto software rubbish out there.

Cheers, Steve

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The Most Successful Lotto Prize-Winning Strategy

This article is an extract from Prof Will Foster’s revolutionary ‘Win BIG By Winning Small First.’

It is by far the most authoritive, honest and straightforward opinion about how to win the lottery I have ever seen…

I am about to synthesise all of the previous information, and detail the definitive, leading and most successful long-term strategy that will help you win a consistent and reliable stream of lotto prizes.

If what you have read so far has made sense, then you will be more than ready to start playing winlottosystems.

If, however, you are still struggling with something I have discussed, then you owe it to yourself to go back to the introduction and start again.

The most successful lotto prize-winning strategy in the world adheres to four very simple, easy to use guidelines:

1. Choose your ‘lucky’ numbers using whatever method or technique you prefer.

Lotto numbers are drawn randomly, so it does not matter how you choose your numbers. Hot numbers, historical trends and sophisticated software programs will have absolutely no bearing on your ability to “pick” the winning numbers.

2. Cover as many of the total pool of lotto numbers as your budget will allow – the more the better.

This guideline aims to satisfy the first of the Golden Rules. Cover as many, if not all of the numbers every time you play. Spread the cost of a large or more expensive system with a syndicate (two or more players).

3. Use a ‘system’ to combine your chosen selections that is specifically designed to win the lower division prizes, i.e., a ‘system’ that will combine any three, four or five of your system selections in one game at a minimum.

Three, four and five-number prizes are significantly easier to win and account for 99.99% of the total prize pool. When you use a ‘system’ to trap these prizes, you satisfy the second Golden Rule, and will attract a consistent and reliable source of lotto prizes.

4. Play regularly – ‘you’ve gotta be in it to win it’.

The best results from lotto will be seen over the long term; don’t expect overnight success. But, when you consistently apply a proven prize-winning strategy to play your favourite lottery, you can expect extraordinary results.

If you want to win lotto prizes frequently, you just finished reading the best “how to” manual on the market.

To be successful, you simply adhere to all four strategy guidelines.

Reproduced with kind permission from Prof Will Foster (c) 2010

A postscript from Steve:

Three of the Prof’s guidelines are easy to understand and achieve. It’s the third guideline – the one regarding a ‘system’ – that deserves a great deal more attention. I highly recommend that you do yourself a favour and read his thorough analysis of how to win the lottery, and lotto systems in general.

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How To Win Lotto – Universal Laws Of Lotto

In spite of the enormous odds of winning the lotto, and regardless of the type of prize you’re seeking to win, you can always depend on three universal principles or ‘laws’ every time you play lotto – anywhere, anytime.

1. Lottery Numbers Are Totally Random

Lotto is a game of chance based on a random selection of numbers. It is not possible to consistently and reliably predict a random event. Full stop. End of story. Grasp this concept, and you are well on your way to lotto success.

Consequently, do not concern yourself with coupon patterns, ‘hot’ numbers, frequency statistics or other implausible good luck charms. Although interesting, these ‘systems’ have absolutely no bearing on your ability to predict the winning numbers, nor your chances of winning a prize. A random selection of numbers can not, by definition, form a pattern.

I am yet to see any computer system or software package that can reliably and consistently predict the winning numbers of any lottery in the world. It just can’t be done, nor will it ever be possible. To this end, any product that claims to analyze patterns in actual lottery results or help you predict the winning numbers of your favorite lottery is a scam.

If you just heard yourself say “No they’re not,” don’t bother reading on – you’re fooling yourself, and I don’t want to waste your time any further.

By all means, go ahead and have fun using these products to choose your weekly numbers. Just never bet your house on them.

2. Every Single Lottery Game You Play Can Win A Prize – Including The Jackpot

This law is simply a logical extension of the first.

Whether you play the one-game minimum entry once a month, or invest $10,000 every week – every game (and therefore dollars) played by either strategy has as much chance of winning a prize as all the others.

Although it seems unlikely, even the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 have as much chance of being drawn together as any other combination of six numbers.

Once again, any effort on your part, or that of highly sophisticated lottery software programs to eliminate “unlikely” sets of numbers from your lotto combinations is just plain stupid. There is no such thing as “unlikely” in the world of random.

Again, if you’re not convinced, WAKE UP!!

3. The More Games You Play, The More Chances You Have To Win A Prize

Finally, while it only takes one game to win a prize, the odds are so enormous that you need to play multiple games to increase your chances of winning. More games mean a higher probability of winning. Simple logic really.

Now, from my extensive research, less than ONE out of ten lotto players understands and plays by these laws. These are the folks who are consistently winning prizes.

As for the other nine, their ‘strategy’ is tantamount to throwing their money out the window every week and hoping that double or more will blow back in. Again, stupid.

These ‘laws’ are absolute, universal and immutable.

Which makes these laws absolutely CRITICAL to the design of a successful, winning lotto strategy.

Here’s why…

It does NOT matter how you pick your numbers, or how many games you play – it’s what you DO with (or how you combine) those numbers and games that will make ALL the difference between winning lotto prizes (almost) every week, or not!

Article reproduced with kind permission, by James Gray-Brown (c) 1995

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How To Win The Lottery – How I Do It

Hello world, this is me, Steve Beckers.

After 20 years of playing lotto, I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned about winning the lotto because it seems to work really well for me. No, i haven’t won a million dollars (yet!), but I do win those smaller prizes an awful lot.

I’ve got so much information from lots of great places about how to win lotto, useful lottery software, lotto numbers, etc, I’ll probably categorise it (with my mate’s help, thanks Bob), so stay tuned.

I’ll be back again soon.

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