The Most Successful Lotto Prize-Winning Strategy

This article is an extract from Prof Will Foster’s revolutionary ‘Win BIG By Winning Small First.’

It is by far the most authoritive, honest and straightforward opinion about how to win the lottery I have ever seen…

I am about to synthesise all of the previous information, and detail the definitive, leading and most successful long-term strategy that will help you win a consistent and reliable stream of lotto prizes.

If what you have read so far has made sense, then you will be more than ready to start playing winlottosystems.

If, however, you are still struggling with something I have discussed, then you owe it to yourself to go back to the introduction and start again.

The most successful lotto prize-winning strategy in the world adheres to four very simple, easy to use guidelines:

1. Choose your ‘lucky’ numbers using whatever method or technique you prefer.

Lotto numbers are drawn randomly, so it does not matter how you choose your numbers. Hot numbers, historical trends and sophisticated software programs will have absolutely no bearing on your ability to “pick” the winning numbers.

2. Cover as many of the total pool of lotto numbers as your budget will allow – the more the better.

This guideline aims to satisfy the first of the Golden Rules. Cover as many, if not all of the numbers every time you play. Spread the cost of a large or more expensive system with a syndicate (two or more players).

3. Use a ‘system’ to combine your chosen selections that is specifically designed to win the lower division prizes, i.e., a ‘system’ that will combine any three, four or five of your system selections in one game at a minimum.

Three, four and five-number prizes are significantly easier to win and account for 99.99% of the total prize pool. When you use a ‘system’ to trap these prizes, you satisfy the second Golden Rule, and will attract a consistent and reliable source of lotto prizes.

4. Play regularly – ‘you’ve gotta be in it to win it’.

The best results from lotto will be seen over the long term; don’t expect overnight success. But, when you consistently apply a proven prize-winning strategy to play your favourite lottery, you can expect extraordinary results.

If you want to win lotto prizes frequently, you just finished reading the best “how to” manual on the market.

To be successful, you simply adhere to all four strategy guidelines.

Reproduced with kind permission from Prof Will Foster (c) 2010

A postscript from Steve:

Three of the Prof’s guidelines are easy to understand and achieve. It’s the third guideline – the one regarding a ‘system’ – that deserves a great deal more attention. I highly recommend that you do yourself a favour and read his thorough analysis of how to win the lottery, and lotto systems in general.

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  1. Written by Rick
    on 8 Sep, 10 at 7:28 pm

    Hello Steve,

    I totally agree with you on one thing. Hot number, cold number, overdue number systems are all a load of crap. I have never had any kind of luck using those kind of systems and when I ever did, it was very seldom. Definately never stayed in the black using them. I believe I’ve seen about about every system out there and most of them use this approach especially in the larger games….pick 5 and up. Wheeling is also used a lot in the larger games but again not very useful if you can’t pick the right numbers to wheel and that’s pretty much a guessing game…which brings me to why I’m writing.

    I’m very interested in what your approach is. I’d even be thrilled winning the smaller game such as pick 3 & 4 as long as I can just stay in the black playing them. The problem is not that I can’t win…the problem is I can’t win more than I spend on tickets. So….can you enlighten me on how you do this? I’m not asking for just tips. I’m asking you about the specific system you use. Can you tell me, for example, and to start with the simpliest and easiest game to play, how do you win more than you spend on the pick 3 game…and please feel free to into as much detail as you like. Like I said, I have no trouble winning it from time to time….just not consistent enough to actually profit. I need a system that will do this.

    Can you help and thanks!

  2. Written by Steve
    on 9 Oct, 10 at 10:56 am

    Hi Steve, for a start, I don’t play Pick-3 games – they are a waste of money, becuase they generally do not offer BIG prizes. That’s the whole point in playing the lottery – spend a little for the very slim chance I coudl win a fortune. Can’t do that with Pick-3. And as Will Foster says, don’t view lotteries as an investment – they are a gamble and nothing else. Do not expect to win your money back, the best you can aspire to (and certainly achieve) is to recoup more of your hard earned money back each week – and that’s why the princicples I talk about here are so important.

    Good luck!

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